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What Racers are saying about CMR Products and Services

E-mail from Doug Forbes to Denis Curtis

Hi Denis,
I wanted to thank you again for all the work you did to modify and strengthen my frame. You really did solve all the major problems associated with trying to stuff a Yamaha XT550 motor in a 1981 Yamaha TZ fame. By tipping the motor up you significantly improved the countershaft to swingarm alignment and by adding mounts for all attachment points, the massive vibration and risk of another cracked crankcase are a thing of the past. My bike now handles extremely well and if I can ride it to its potential it will be very competitive in its class. I was able to finish 4th in class out of 32 riders this year and I am still dialing in my suspension and carbs. Thanks for helping make this such a fun and successful year.

Doug Forbes #83.

CMR modified TZ frame with XT550 motor

From TZ Mike, Posted on

On the weekend of Oct 19-21, 2007 Steve Shaw came to Barber with his TZ350 to take on our TZ750s in the Open GP 2-Stroke class. On the twisty Barber track he certainly had something of an advantage in the turns (he came in 2nd in Saturday's race for a 1-2 Canadian finish with Brian Henderson taking 1st place on Rusty Bigley's Spondon TZ750). What we didn't realize at first was the secret weapon he brought along from the Great White North.

Last winter Steve rebuilt his TZ350 around one of Denis Curtis' CMR Harris replica TZ250/350 chassis. This frame is very well made with beautiful welds and nice attention to detail. The AL tank finishes it off nicely. My understanding is that the swap-over was very straight forward with everything bolting into place nicely.

Denis has a long history of making frames from as far back as Steve Baker and Yamaha Canada. I believe he is currently working on a Suzuki TR750 chassis, after which he will begin a run of 10 replica original Yamaha TZ750 frames/swingarms.

CMR Frame at Barber 2007

From Rob Verrier, 2007 SRA €“ Sidecar Racing Association, Eastern Division (Canada and Eastern USA) Overall Champion, using his 600cc Formula 2 racing sidecar outfit:

I contacted Denis before the season began to repair some damage on my Isle of Man aluminum gas tank/left hand kneeler tray. You can see it easily in the picture.I brought this outfit with me to Canada having competed in the Isle of Man event with it over a two year period. This aluminum tank was carefully repaired and reinforced by CMR Racing Products Inc. of Belleville to my complete satisfaction. I won the championship at the end of the season and inspected the bike. The tank was still as good as the day it was repaired by CMR.

Many thanks Denis,
Rob Verrier.

aluminum repairs by CMR
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From Steve Shaw, VRRA Racer from Canada and a true two stoke nut.

Steve says that he is a big lad, and has had a couple of TZ 350s crack their frames in the recent past. I liked the overall quality of the CMR frame and swing-arm, and especially the completeness of the kit. Everything fitted very well and I was able to transfer parts from my broken stock bike directly onto the CMR Harris Lowline Yamaha TZ 350 Replica. The gas tank is a work of art. The new replica frame kit inspired my confidence level in my racing and it really shows. The highlight was doing so well down at Barber in October against the TZ750s!

Thanks Denis for a great product,
Steve Shaw VRRA #9.

TZ Harris Lowline Frame by CMR
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