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600cc Formula 2 racing sidecar outfit

Owned by Rob Verrier, 2007 SRA – Sidecar Racing Association, Eastern Division (Canada and Eastern USA) Overall Champion, and repaired by CMR Racing Products Inc.

CMR Racing Products Inc. Repair services SRA Sidecar outfit repaired by CMR Products Inc
Rob Verrier SRA sidecar outfit, aluminum repairs by CMR Racing Products SRA Sidecar Formula 2 rig, aluminum tank repaired by CMR
CMR Services include aluminum welding and steel tube frame repairs CMR repair services on an SRA sidecar
sidecar formula 2 SRA, CMR Racing repair and refabrication services
CMR repair services on steel tube frames and aluminum gas tanks

In addition to motorcycle frames and frame kits, CMR Racing Products provides a range of custom fabrication and repair services.

To read more about Rob Verriers' sidecar, see the testimonials page.

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