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Welcome to CMR Racing Products Inc.

CMR Racing Products Inc. specializes in the manufacture of reproduction Historic and Classic Racing Motorcycle Frame kits of all types, where tubular steel was used.

In addition we reproduce aluminum gas tanks for vintage, historic and classic motorcycles and build to special order.

We undertake prototype development work and are also able to repair, replace or modify any tubular steel frame or aluminum gas tank.


CMR Racing Products Inc. is committed to producing and supplying quality reproductions of historic and classic racing motorcycle frame kits and component parts. Most disciplines of racing are covered including some street equipment. Customer satisfaction, realistic pricing and timely delivery are the core values of the company.

To find our more about CMR Racing Products, visit our About Us page. For more information about the history of CMR Racing Products Inc., please visit the Curtis Racing Frames website.

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Visit CMR Racing on Facebook link

Visit CMR Racing on Facebook link

CMR Racing Products Inc.

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