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Services provided by CMR Racing Products Inc.

CMR Racing Products Inc. is committed to making quality reproductions of racing motorcycle frame kits and spare parts in a timely and user friendly manner. We also provide a range of ancillary services.


Since the majority of our work is constructing tubular 4130 steel products and aluminum fabrication of gas tanks we do get called upon to carry out repair and reconstruction work to both motorcycle and sidecar steel tube frames, and aluminum gas tanks.

Aluminum repair and reconstruction work by CMR Racing Products
See more sidecar photos

We will TIG and MIG weld any and all steel and aluminum parts.


We offer a range of tubular steel frames and kits for vintage motorcycle road racing, and we have a number of other racing chassis in development for vintage dirt-track and moto-cross racing, as well as street bike frames.

Drixton frame from CMR Racing Products

Please contact CMR to discuss the specifics of your project.

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