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Contact CMR Racing Products Inc.

Contact Denis Curtis of CMR Racing Products Inc. in any of the following ways

Denis Curtis in his shop in 2010
Contact Denis by email at:
Note: If the above link does not compose a mail message for you, just copy the address manually and paste it into your email To: field (or write it down and type it in)

The best time to reach Denis by phone, personally is between 8:30PM and 10:00PM Eastern Standard Time in North America. You can call us anytime and either speak to Lindi or leave a voice-mail message. We will return your call promptly, so please tell us the preferred time to call you. 

Daytime calls take Denis away from the production duties at the shop, so we thank you for your consideration.


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CMR Racing Products Inc. sponsors racers in all disciplines of Classic Racing. Call us for locations, dates and times when you can see us and our sponsored racers, or visit the News Page for updates to our schedule.

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