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Dirt-track Racing Frames from CMR Racing Products Inc.

CMR Racing Products Inc. will be producing frame kit replicas of the following original designs, based on consumer demand.


These frames are replicas of the ones used by 'Randy Skiver #35' during the 1970's. They have a duplex frame made from chrome‚€“moly steel tubing and TIG welded.

Randy Skiver on the Curtis Racing Frames dirt-track racer


These frames are replicas of the Curtis Racing Frames' most popular product from the 1970s, using a single down rail from chrome-moly steel and TIG welded.

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Curtis Racing Frames sponsored US AMA National Pro #35, Randy Skiver during 1973 ‚€“ 1977. Randy rode our frames in both the US and Canada. He is featured here on Curtis Racing Frames XL Honda single cylinder and on BSA 750 twin bikes. Randy was an excellent rider and gave us a lot of great feedback on frame design. Visit the Curtis Racing Frames website for more information and photos.

CMR will consider the development of dirt-track and flat-track frame building projects over the next few years.

If you have a particular dirt-track or flat-track project in mind that you would like to discuss with CMR, please contact Denis - see the Contact page for options.

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