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Moto-cross and Enduro
Racing Frames from CMR Racing Products Inc


These frames evolved from twin down tube frames to single downtube frames.

Curtis Racing Frames, our previous company, made a range of successfully campaigned moto-cross and enduro motorcycle frames through the 1970's.

The photo to the right shows an early version of Honda XL350 enduro/cross-country bike using both Honda XL350 and Elsinore parts.

Honda XL350 with a Curtis Racing Frame
This bike evolved over several years and went from twin down tubes to single down tube and greatly modified rear suspension with lay down and moved up shock options.

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To read more about the Curtis XL350 and see more photos, visit the Curtis Racing Frames Website Enduro page and Moto-cross page

If you have a particular vintage moto-cross project in mind that you would like to discuss with CMR, please contact Denis - see the Contact page for options.

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