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Replica Harris Yamaha TZ350 GP Lowline Special Frame Kit

We have delivered a number of these frame kits over the last two years and the customers are very pleased with the product. We have also been asked to supply a list of other engines capable of being fitted into this particular frame. At this time we have determined that all the air-cooled Yamaha R5 and RD series engines, plus the air-cooled TD and TR racing engines will bolt directly into the chassis in addition to the TZ 250/350 up to F/G models.

The RD 350 LC '81 and '82 engine, and the '83 to '89 US model RZ 350 (European RD 350 LC YPVS) engines, will also fit the frame with new engine mounts supplied.

Following are photographic details of two CMR kit bikes, complete with a step by step assembly of one of them.

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Harris replica Lowline GP frame CMR TZ Yamaha Harris replica frame
These are pictures of the original Harris Yamaha TZ350 GP Lowline Special. We know this one came to Canada in 1980. We believe it is one of very few existing in North America, and the current owner supplied us the original specifications. We do not know how many were made.

CMR Frame kit for Harris lowline CMR Frame kit for Yamaha TZ 250/350
Here are more close up pics of the Harris Yamaha TZ350 GP Lowline Special frame and swing arm assembly. The eccentric rear wheel adjusters can be seen on the cantilever swing arm, and the very sturdy (six tubes converging on the) steering head assembly. Eccentric wheel adjusters do affect the attitude of the frame by raising/lowering the rear end.

Harris Replica frame for Yamaha TZ 250/350 motor

This pic shows the Harris gas tank in place. Notice how it sits down into the frame, much lower than the stock tank. The seat bracket assembly shown here is quite heavy.

Harris replica CMR motorcycle frame

The CMR Replica Harris Yamaha TZ350 shown above has Colin Seeley style (from the same period) rear wheel adjusters and a much cleaner tubing layout for the stock seat attachment.

CMR Racing Frame Harris replica GP racing frame from CMR
These two pics show more detail of the rear subframe tubular layout and the Seeley style swing arm wheel adjusters and high tensile rear axle. The aluminum gas tank replicates the Harris unit including breather and internal baffles. We fit a new aluminum 2.5 inch diameter Monza Q/A Filler cap as standard equipment, although flush mount caps can be supplied as required.

CMR TZ Harris replica frame Original Harris GP racing frame
Here are two comparison pics of the CMR swing arm on the left and the Harris original on the right. The CMR swing arm has the extra tube gusset shown behind the pivot tube. The Harris has only two saddle patches. On the original swing arm the main tubes are 1.375 inch diameter whereas the CMR unit uses 1.5 inch diameter due to the non-availability of certain tube sizes.

CMR frame swing-arm construction details CMR Swingarm details
These two pics show more detail of the CMR swing arm. The pivot axle is made from H.T. steel and the swing arm pivot bearings are combination caged needle/ball thrust units. We install rear stand buttons on the swing arm main tubes.

The CMR frame, swing-arm and tank kit ready to ship

The CMR Replica Harris Yamaha TZ350 GP Lowline Special frame, swing-arm and tank kit, ready to ship (the Yamaha seat is not included in the kit). CMR's Denis Curtis is also in the picture.

Original Harris gas tank Replica CMR gas tank for the Harris kit
Here are pictures of the original Harris aluminum tank to the left and the CMR replica on the right.

stock Yamaha frame and swingarm assembly for the TZ240/340G model

This picture shows a stock Yamaha TZ250/350G model frame and swing-arm assembly.

CMR frame with the stock Yamaha radiator, monoshock, rear master cylinder

The next few pictures show the assembly of stock TZ components onto the CMR Replica Harris Yamaha frame kit. In this picture the frame has been painted and the stock radiator, monoshock, rear brake master cylinder and supplied steering head taper roller bearings have been installed.

CMR frame with forks CMR Harris lowline frame with forks
Here the stock Yamaha front forks and clip ons have been installed.

CMR frame with stock wheels and steering damper CMR frame with stock wheels
CMR frame with stock TZ rims CMR frame with stock Yamaha wheels
These pictures show the stock wheels and steering damper have been fitted.

CMR frame with rubber mounts for stock seat and gas tank CMR frame with gas tank attachment straps
The rubber mounts for the new CMR gas tank and stock seat have been installed. The two new original Yamaha stock gas tank pull-down straps are in view also.

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