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Honda XL350 Enduro/Cross-country bike

These photos show our early version of Honda XL350 enduro/cross-country bikes using both Honda XL350 and Elsinore parts.

Honda XL350 with Elsinore parts

Curtis frame Honda enduro

This bike evolved over several years and went from twin down tubes to single down tube and greatly modified rear suspension with lay down and moved up shock options.

Evolution of the Curtis frame Honda XL350

Footrest and frame detail on the Curtis frame The detail work on the exhaust system, foot rest assemblies and air box can be seen here.

Curtis frame swing-arm detail

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If you have any information or pictures of Curtis Racing Frames from the period please Contact Us. We would really like to feature as many frames and frame modifications from that period as we can here.

Curtis Racing Frames; a sticker from 1970's

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